Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monument of Marc Chagall in Vitebsk

Monument of Marc Chagall with his Muse in his hometown of Vitebsk. I painted it when leaves were falling down from trees brightened by the Sun.
"Just open the window-and she's here. And azure, love and flowers come with her. From those sweet times she, dressed in black or in white, soars in my pictures brightening up my art", said Marc Chagall in his book My Life.
 At first sight Marc fell in love with Bella, and understood that "This is my life. Her sparkling eyes, black and big... These are my eyes, my soul. A came into new home and it became mine forever."
Being disappointed in some periods of his life he found inspiration in his wife Bella -"I understand nothing in my painting and people. And you, my love, you are right in everything. Direct my arm, wave the brush, as conductor stick and bring me far away, to unknown, to the world's end. Only you left with me. I'm looking at you, and it seems to me that you are my creation"

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