Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cat 2 (Sold)

My lovely cat is very friendly and always sits next to me trying to get some attention and touch my leg.
I should always keep eye on her. She likes to drink water from the bowl that I use for watercolor painting.


  1. Tatsiana, what a wonderful tabby! I have a beloved 13-year-old tabby name Farnie, who's on my lap when I'm sitting in the evening and then sleeps with (or on) me every night. He's a real friend! I also do watercolor and I keep looking at him and wondering how in the world I can get his stripes to look right. I did one painting of him that was absolutely awful! Your stripes look so natural and not "painted on" Does that make sense? Also Farnie is very serious, hardly ever smiles. Love your work. Any suggestions for me? Thanks so much.

  2. Hello, Erma
    I like your watercolor too. As far as stripes, I use “wet in wet” technique. In addition, I use another technique that allows me to extend the time for the paper to remain wet longer. I accomplish this through putting a wet cloth under the paper. Then, I don’t have to make decision rapidly and have more time to think about every step. I found about this technique through Russian sites and unfortunately they don’t provide an explanation in English, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me.
    Good luck with your paintings and don’t be afraid to experiment – it is usually quite rewarding in the end!

    Thank you,